Stream Speakers

Stream speakers started each of the six stream meetings with ten minute introductory talks (‘stories of hope’) and they then facilitated the ensuing discussions in which delegates took part actively. Delegates then worked together to produce short summaries for the afternoon plenary session and these involved not just speakers but other participants, both young and old. 


Community Engagement:

Paul Ede (a leader of Clay Community Church, Glasgow and author of Urban Eco-Mission) 

Andy Lester (Conservation Director, A Rocha UK) 

Joanna Dobson (author of Incredible, the story of Incredible Edible) together with Pam Warhurst CBE, founder of the voluntary gardening initiative, Incredible Edible in Todmorden

Howard Hutchings (The Rubbish Diet, Shrewsbury), together with Alison Thomas (The Rubbish Diet) who also collected and disposed of our biodegradable plates, cutlery etc and our recyclable beakers in an eco-friendly way. 

Convener: Andy Lester


Political Engagement:

Ian Christie (Fellow, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey)

Ben Niblett (Campaigns Team Leader, Tearfund)

Richard Gower (Director of Foresight Economics, a consultancy engaged with Tearfund's Horizon Project and now on the staff of Tearfund)

Convener: Dr Samuel Ewell, Community and Formation Minister, Newbigin Centre, Birmingham and Theological Advisory Panel, RaWP

(in attendance, Michael Northcott (Professor of Ethics, University of Edinburgh and author of A Moral Climate))

Sadly , Mike Hulme had to drop out as he had an unexpected new work commitment that he had to fulfill: we are very grateful to him for his work on the Advisory Panel which has been absolutely invaluable and he has given real direction to the conference)


Health, Education and Well-Being:

James Hindson (Founder and Director of Sense and Sustainability) 

Ruth Valerio (Churches and Theology director, A Rocha) 

Martin Hodson (John Ray Initiative, Co-Director and Principal Tutor for Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (Ripon College, Cuddesdon) and Visiting Researcher in Environmental Biology, Oxford Brookes University) 

Conveners: Emma Griffiths, Associate Director for Reconciliation and Head of Education Department, Coventry Cathedral and Sam Slatcher, former intern with the Coventry Cathedral Reconciliation Ministry and current PhD student at Durham University


Natural Resources:

Caroline Pomeroy  (CEO of Climate Stewards) 

Rob Havard (Freelance ecologist and Managing Director at Rob Havard Associates, Phepson Farm) 

George Browning (Feldon Forest Farm: organic farming) 

Convener: Bishop Graham Usher, Bishop of Dudley, a member of the Environmental Working Group of the CofE and of the Theological Advisory Panel, RaWP


Developing Technologies:

Mike Clifford (Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Nottingham University) 

Ant Wilson (Director, AECOM Sustainability and Building Engineering) 

Drew Purves (Microsoft Systems and Treasurer of the British Ecological Society)

Convener: Revd Chris Halliwell, Blackburn Diocesan Rural and Environmental Project Officer and Co-Vice Chair of Operation Noah


Enhancing Biodiversity:

Mike Morecroft (Senior Visiting Research Associate at Oxford University in Ecology, Climate Change ecologist at Natural England) 

Bob Sluka (Lead Scientist, Marine and Coastal Conservation Programme, A Rocha International)

Brian Cuthbertson (Head of Environment and Sustainability, Diocese of London)

Convener: Peter Brotherton, (Head of Biodiversity, Natural England)


Mini-Plenary on the role of economics and small businesses:

Jerry Marshall (Founder Chairman of Transcend Support Ltd and CEO of the Arthur Rank Centre encouraging rural economies through the Germinate Enterprise initiative)


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